Forty Things Every Woman Should Know By 40 . . . And Counting

Alma de Colibrí


1.    Kegel balls are indispensable.
2.    Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
3.    Allowing stillness and quiet into your life will get you closer to your vision and your spirit.
4.    You still have another 50 years to accomplish your dreams.
5.    If you stay up late, drink some Emergen-C first thing in the morning.
6.    Aerosoles, Born, Clarks, and Azalea make shoes that are sexy and comfortable.
7.    If you’ve never gone to therapy, start now, it will reduce your suffering during menopause.
8.   Explore your body and tell your man/woman what you want during sex.
9.   A good orgasm can (should) make you cry.
10. Always carry feminine towelettes with you.
11. You need to get a personalized braw fitting as soon as your bras start to feel uncomfortable.
12. Be comfortable in uncertainty.

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