The Sweetness of Summer

Warm rays of sun embrace the teasing shore

Sand sifts against the curves my heart adores

Waves tease and tumble playing in the breeze

Deep Skies adorn the sea of tinsel green

Photo by Maria Cristina Malo

Ice cream dissolves amid the Sunkist rays

Sweet mango slices paint the gloom away

Sandia smiles seduce parched tongues astray

My lips I bite into its luscious day


The citrus wind whispers sweet melodies

Hips sway like fanning palm trees sensually

Clouds rest their pink amid the sun at dusk

Dark Chocolate night drizzles the mint light crust

Photo by Maria Cristina Malo

Bikes race among the thrills of hide-and-seek

Spontaneous trees taunt children to go peek

Sail ships racing with dolphins taunting seals

Kites twirl and glide like dancers high with zeal

Photo by Maria Cristina Malo

Gold-lit Star rays beseech the rain be still

So blades of grass the warmth of light will feel

The song of life blooms in each fragrant rose

Inspiring souls to dance in rhythmic prose

Photo by Maria Cristina Malo

It’s time to do your heart-felt true desires

Let vibrancy and joy explode like fire

For summer is a time to dream and fly

To dance away the nights beneath the sky



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