A little bit of Yarrow in my life.

Today a harvested some yarrow, which I am going to dry because the current batch I have is running low. I learned about this plantita a few years ago, and I tend to use it in tea blends that support my moon cycle. It grows wild in our mountains and I mostly encounter it during my hikes in the Spring.

You can create a poultice with yarrow, which is a fancy term to say that you can crush it and add just enough water to make a paste and apply it to wounds and burns. It can also be infused in oil or extracted in alcohol to make solutions that can be rubbed on the body to relieve bruises, burns, rashes and bug bites. I usually make an árnica and calendula salve, and this next time around, I am also going to add yarrow. I will post a video of that process soon!

As for me, I use it in tea blends when I am experiencing a heavy flow during my moon cycle. It is an herb that can be used to stimulate your menses and it can also stop bleeding by expediting the menstrual process since it stimulates the uterus. It also helps me with the discomfort of cramping and feeling bloated. If you’re interested in drinking yarrow tea, consult a medical professional to make sure it’s right for you.

Yarrow can bloom from early spring to late fall. It is usually recommended that it is cut back after it stops blooming, otherwise the stems will flop, and as you can see my yarrow was screaming to be pruned. As I was harvesting the plantita, I also noticed that a little bit of white fungus was growing around the base of the stems in water-soaked spots. I immediately removed the plantitas that were infected and sprayed some fungicide in and around those areas.

And so by pruning and pulling some of the stems, I created space for air and sunlight to circulate through the base of the yarrow and stop the spread of the fungus – hopefully! Anyway, once I harvested the yarrow, I rinsed it really well and snipped off any dry leaves. I dried it outside for a few hours, and then transferred it to my hanging dehydrator, where it will take about a week to fully dry.

I also work with yarrow as a protection plant. It is an ally of boundary work, and supports me in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries and mutually respectful relationships, both in the physical and spiritual world. Especially in my work as a high school teacher, saying no to things in order to preserve my integrity, prioritize my needs and honor my worth is vital to my well-being. And when I need a little extra boundary support, I will create a little bundle and put it somewhere on my person.

Thank you for letting me share a little about this plantita. I’ve got so much more to learn from her!


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