10 Lessons I’m Learning from Cultivating Soil

My husband, David Malo
My husband, David Malo
  1. Mother earth will guide the roots of a tree to water, the way spirit will guide me to that which I am meant to be.
  2. I can’t rush life.  Life emerges at its own pace, the way a seed emerges from the earth and tells the world, “I am here!”  We can’t hurry things.  We must learn to let go and relax, becoming in tune with the natural rhythms of nature.  “The fruit is green until it’s ripe.”
  3. Before I grow anything, I must prepare the soil and ensure it is ready to nourish the seed I am going to cultivate.  Anything worth doing requires my spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical preparation.  It is only through love, community, commitment, and determination that I have ever been able to create.
  4. Mother earth is bountiful.  All that comes from her womb is the manifestation of the love she has for me.  When I love, I receive all that I need in abundance to continue to transform the world with my love.
  5. Too much water will drown the seed, too little and it won’t survive.  Life can only thrive in conditions of balance.  Nothing that I do, absolutely nothing, will have a positive impact on the world if I do not do it from a place of balance.  The absence of balance is always life’s destruction.
  6. Some plants grow well in direct sunlight, some need shade.  We all have amazing characteristics and abilities that will allow us to thrive at our fullest as long as we find our truth.
  7. What you give Mother Earth, she will give back to you.  Living with intention has allowed me to be more conscious about my actions as I learn to align my actions with who I am meant to become.
  8. Every season has a purpose.  By watching the patterns of nature, I have learned to understand my own patterns of existence.
    • Spring is a time for cultivation, renewal and creativity; a time to strengthen our roots in Mother Earth and receive energy from Father Sky.
    • The Summer Solstice brings wisdom and knowledge. It’s a time to celebrate our inner fire and power; the power that yields abundance and nourishment from tiny seeds.  Fulfillment occurs as we witness the miracles of Mother Earth in the blossoms and fruits all around us.
    • Autumn is a time of transition.  A time to harvest what we have sown within.  A time to let go of what has been and step into uncertainty in order to create space for renewal and rebirth.
    • The Winter Solstice is a time for rest.  It is a time to step back, reflect and meditate on what we have harvested; a time to replenish our energy for the work that lies ahead.  For many cultures this is a time to go within, a sort of death from the physical plane and awakening to the spiritual realm.
  9. The beauty that I contemplate in Mother Earth can only be because of the beauty I’ve discovered in me.
  10. I am like a seed.



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