Forty Things Every Woman Should Know By 40 . . . And Counting


1.    Kegel balls are indispensable.
2.    Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
3.    Allowing stillness and quiet into your life will get you closer to your vision and your spirit.
4.    You still have another 50 years to accomplish your dreams.
5.    If you stay up late, drink some Emergen-C first thing in the morning.
6.    Aerosoles, Born, Clarks, and Azalea make shoes that are sexy and comfortable.
7.    If you’ve never gone to therapy, start now, it will reduce your suffering during menopause.
8.   Explore your body and tell your man/woman what you want during sex.
9.   A good orgasm can (should) make you cry.
10. Always carry feminine towelettes with you.
11. You need to get a personalized braw fitting as soon as your bras start to feel uncomfortable.
12. Be comfortable in uncertainty.
13. Have an intention that is authentic to you for everything you do.
14. Surround yourself by women who are spiritual and thought-provoking.
15. Try something new at least once a week – it will keep you adventurous.
16. You can’t ever heal/flourish within a system that oppresses the very essence of who you are – create new systems!
17. You are absolutely and undeniably beautiful.
18. Listen to your intuition – it’s your spirit guiding you through the journey of your purpose.
19. If you have children and/or a partner, dedicate to yourself the same amount of time you dedicate to them.
20. Saying No is part of being rooted in your intentions.
21. Learn a sexy dance like Salsa, Tango, or Belly Dancing.
22. Art is the manifestation of your soul – create something.
23. Don’t search for status – find a legacy to leave the world better than you found it.
24.  Do something child-like every day – it will keep you youthful: cartwheels, hula hooping, riding a bike, swinging, jump roping, etc.
25. Do something you’re so passionate about, you lose yourself in time.
26. Have life insurance, a living trust and power of attorney, especially if you have children.
27. If you have a husband or a partner, make sure he/she has this too.
28. Know how much you have in your retirement account(s), be proactive in how you are diversifying your funds, and ensure your money is being invested in socially responsible companies.  (I’m still grappling with some of the structural violence that exists within the investment world . . . there’s got to be a better way).
29. Never blow off any physical concern; no matter how insignificant it seems, follow-up with your doctor.
30. Be around children – it will continue to open your heart and keep you humble.
31. Listen to the sounds of the earth – it’s God’s way of speaking to you.
32. There’s a little black dress for every decade.
33. Listen to the stories of others and learn from them; it will allow you to understand your humanity is wrapped up in theirs.
34. Start being and stop doing.
35. Don’t just give/do charity; have solidarity with those you serve and be in the struggle with them.
36. Know who paid the price for you to be where you are now.
37. Make plans, but learn to surrender for sometimes the universe has other plans for you.
38. Wear clothes that feel comfortable.  A sexy dress will stop being sexy if you spend the whole time tugging, pulling, snapping, and stretching.
39.  Travel, even if it’s an hour away – explore the gifts the earth has to offer.
40. Allow yourself to experience vulnerability, for only through vulnerability can you get to courage.
41. Feel Alive!  Feel Alive!  In every second that you live, try to feel Alive!

What’s on your list of 40 things to know?


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