All in a Day’s Work: Amending & Transplanting

This day was dedicated to adding the rest of the layers of compost, fertilizer and lime to the soil. I also transplanted the herbs and plants I had in the cloth raised beds and removed the cloth. Finally, I transplanted a few potted plants like my lavender.

I have since planted my starts for the medicinal plants and crops I am going to plant this spring. Several are starting to germinate! But more about that in a future post. I wish I could post more often than I do, but taking care of this garden and teaching already takes up most of my time.

I am off for spring break, and I am going to dedicate this time to install a drip system, remove the silage tarp I laid down back in November, add more compost and fertilizer, and prep the beds. While I’m doing this, I will also transplant my starts into 4″ containers so they will be ready to be transplanted into the beds. This is all for my front yard! I hope to share more of my adventure with you soon!


2 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work: Amending & Transplanting

    1. Hi Lony! Yes, it is, and the vision is to establish a farm, so this work is preparing me to fulfill that vision. I am using my house as my learning lab before jumping all the way in. Thank you for following along!

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