Mixing Fertilizer and Amending the Soil in the Back Yard

It”s been a bit since I’ve posted. Balancing my teaching life (I teach high schoolers!) with this journey of farming is tricky, but I’m figuring it out as I go. My approach – I do what I can today, and tomorrow I continue the rest. I want this journey to be enjoyable, exciting and healing.

I finally got my soil test back from the University of Massachusetts, and was able to go shopping for all my fertilizer ingredients. They did a very comprehensive soil test, giving me the value and range of things like phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and nitrogen in my soil. I was also able to get the PH of my soil and discovered that my backyard is a bit acidic, so they gave me recommendations for amendments to use in my soil.

For example, they recommended limestone to neutralize the PH and blood meal as a nitrogen-fixing nutrient. Both of these will be applied in two parts. Blood meal will be divided between early spring and mid-June. The limestone application will be divided between early Spring and mid-autumn. As far as the other fertilizer ingredients that I mixed, here is the recipe:

4 parts flaxseed meal

1 part rabbit palettes

1 part sugar beet pulp

1.5 lbs of blood meal per 100 sq ft. (UM recommendation)

5 lbs of limestone per 100 sq ft.

The only other ingredient I would like to add is kelp meal, but as I was researching the cost, it’s pretty expensive. Since I live about 15 minutes from the beach via the freeway, I’m going to harvest kelp as a separate project. That will be an adventure for another day and another video!


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