My Farming Journey: one day at a time

I hadn’t been able to post in a while. I am a high school teacher, and though I work part-time, it’s still a challenge to find balance . Every day no matter how tired I am, I make sure to do at least one thing that moves me toward my goal of having a little finca (farm).

I recorded the process of laying down the silage tarp in our front yard, but I can’t find the video, lol! In leu of the video, I added a couple of pictures to my video today. The grass and weeds are completely dead and much of it has decomposed. I’ve lifted up the silage tarp a couple of times to water the area, since I haven’t installed a drip system, yet. I am keeping it moist to promote the germination of any seeds that are left.

I’ve requested a soil test from the University of Massachusetts for my front and back yard. While I am waiting for the results, I am going to various feed stores to check out some of the items I am going to use to mix my own fertilizer such as flaxseed meal, bone meal, feather meal, rabbit palettes to name a few. Video of that process to come next!


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