IMG_0938The greatest expression of my life is the beauty that I  create with it.  I visited Anza Borrego Desert for my birthday and captured these wonderful images of Pachamama.  She reminds me of how beautiful life is, even in the most hostile environments.

Thinking about what it means to embrace who I am completely. What it means to love myself, fully – the imperfect part, the part that is still hiding, the part I’m still learning to love, the part I don’t fully understand, yet, and the part I fear. What does my truth sound like.  What beauty does it make in the world when I don’t suppress it? What am I still afraid of? What does unrestricted love feel like? Do I really believe I’m worth loving?

At 43 I’m still probing, still wondering, still learning. Some answers, I still don’t know.  Some answers, I know what I want them to be. Some have come to me in my dreams, and I’m still making sense of them. What I do know, is that I am a woman who feels deeply alive!

The doubts, the uncertainty, the pain, the joy, the magic, the hope – all are part of my aliveness.  All have made this journey absolutely incredible! The doubts have pushed me to search, the pain has challenged me to heal, uncertainty has urged me to wonder, hope has inspired me to believe, magic has dared me to imagine, and joy has introduced me to my soul.

In this new phase of my womanhood, I feel freer and lighter than ever.  And I suspect that is the mark of a woman who is closer to her truth.



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