Grief is the energy that a flower

needs to unfold her petals.

Each petal is a layer of wound

opened by the tears of pain

to expose life.

The flower misses the sun

during the season

of the snow moon.

In its grief, it praises

what it loves and

honors what it longs for.

As the sound of grief reaches her core,

the flower finds the courage

to open herself up so

the world can see her pain.

As she feels the warmth of

the sun on her face,

she gets her life back.

Her petals will wither once again, and

as her process for metabolizing grief commences,

she will comprehend

she was given enough life

to experience both love and loss.

This peom was inspired by this beautiful flower, my own grief, the courageous people who have given me the honor to hold space for their grief, and one of the most profound books I have read about grief: The Smell of Rain on Dust – Grief and Praise by Martin Prechtel.


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