The Butterfly Effect

What would I go back and change about my life? Nothing. Not because there aren’t experiences I would have rather not had, but because I’ve come to understand that it isn’t the experience that one needs to change – it is the lesson. Like in the movie, The Butterfly Effect, if I went back to change something in my life that caused me hardship and suffering, there’d probably be something else that would take its place. You see, it’s not changing the particular experience that would change our lives, instead it is the lesson we are being asked to learn. Whatever experience we decide to remove, another will come in it’s place until we learn the lesson. Lessons are the fertilizer that help us grow and bloom and live abundant lives.
I must add here, there are injustices and grave acts of violence that happen to people that have nothing to do with individual patterns of thought and behavior, but at a grander scale are the result of collective patterns of thought and behavior.  So while some experiences are not a direct result of the lessons we haven’t learned individually, they are the result of the world we have created and participated in collectively, and they are driving the transformation of the whole.
It is the instances in which the lessons are understood that we make great quantum leaps and we are able to alter the limitations within the physical world that we live in. The lesson is the the quantum leap, it is the miracle. “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” -Pema Chodron This is why analyzing the patterns of our experiences is so important to understanding what situations seem to be repeating themselves over and over again in our lives, whether it is lack of money, betrayal, unhealthy relationships, etc. Once we recognize those patterns, we can do the work of learning the lesson we need to learn to break the chains that bond us to those experiences. Of course, new lessons will come, but we become better at recognizing patterns and being mindful in the way we perceive and react to the situations in our lives. The more graceful we are in learning our lessons the less we will suffer and struggle through them.
This is also how we can go back and alter the paths we are on. Especially when we revisit past experiences and learn great lessons of love, compassion, and forgiveness. We are able to change our past by changing or deepening the lessons. “The butterfly effect suggests that cause and effect are applicable in the universe even if the pattern is indecipherable and the precise cause of our predicaments, rooted far away in time and space, are ultimately unfathomable.” The chaos theory works off the concept that the relation between any two things is rarely linear in nature, that any reaction is usually the result of an accumulation of causative factors small and large, intentional and accidental.
The butterfly effect implies that a small event or action can have a very significant even dramatic effect on any given outcome in the future. It is why making even a small change in one part of our lives can cause ripple effects in the rest of our lives. And the only thing more powerful than that event or action, is the lesson, the meaning we give it or construct from it, because that will have a profound impact on how we respond to future events and actions. “The chaos theory works off the concept that the relation between any two things is rarely linear in nature, that any reaction is usually the result of an accumulation of causative factors small and large, intentional and accidental.”
Our lives are the sum of our actions and the choices we make, no matter how small or insignificant they might be, and they shape and determine our lives. We are ultimately responsible for our direct actions and consequently responsible for where we are at in our lives. Most importantly, we are responsible for the lessons we are supposed to be learning in this journey called LIFE. The more we resist the lesson, the more intense the experiences that are meant to teach us that lesson become. The smallest most insignificant event has the potential to change our lives and the lives of those around us, especially when we align ourselves with the event in such a way that it becomes the cocoon for our transformation.
“Grandfather said this: you must unlearn everything you know, unlearn fear, unlearn guilt, unlearn anger, unlearn jealousy, unlearn insecurity and greed because because all those things are blocking you path.” Gianni Crow
This is the purpose of our lessons, so that one day we may know what it means to live in harmony.

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