The Little Boy Who Holds Magic

hummingbird boy

She saw in the little boy, Magic.

The kind of magic that reveals the secrets of life.


And she asked him,

What does the sun tell the flower

to make her open up?


And the boy told her,

The sun reflects her beauty

with his light, and she learns to

believe in herself.


She then asked,

How does the wind mold

the clouds into daydreams?


And he responded,

It whispers the dreams

people hold in their hearts.


Her curiosity grew.

How does the moon, even from so far away,

attract the ocean to her?


The boy explained,

At night, when the darkness weighs heavy

like a dream deferred,

she lifts the burden and soothes the fear.


She wanted to know more.

Why must the butterfly struggle

through the cocoon to fly?


The boy reminded her,

It is in the struggle that the butterfly

builds strength in her wings

affirming her determination to fulfill

her purpose.


How does the Evergreen find the courage

to survive the coldest winters and

parched summers?


He learns and grows wise. Understands the

parts of him he needs to strengthen and



Finally, she was enchanted with the boy’s

ability to attract hummingbirds, and had

to ask,

How do you get the hummingbirds

to trust you?


The greatest magic, and the most

noble answers you will find are held

in your heart. When it opens completely,

the hummingbird will come to



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