Slow down enough . . .

to follow the clouds

drifting by, caressing the

floor of the sky,


to hear the gentle

whistle of the breeze

as it reminds to listen,


to notice the tide

recede into the womb

of the ocean .


Slow down enough

to watch the moving

branches of a tree,

like batons conducting

the symphony of the birds,


to contemplate the changing

shadows of the light

imprinting filigree

on the ground,


enough to perceive the

different shades of green

that adorn the landscape.


Slow down enough

to discover ladybugs

winding playfully

down grass blades,


to observe the crow

bravely challenge the hawk

in an open meadow

high above the

reach of the trees,


to catch the bugambilia

flowers flutter like butterflies

when they are nudged

by the wind.


Slow down enough to track

the snail’s path

as it trails the

sun’s shadow,


to distinguish the endless

trills of the Mockingbird

and the warbling

chirp of the Finch.


Slow down enough

to feel alive!



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