The Night Won’t Last Forever

I shall know

the warmest fire

in the silence

of the night

When the fear

begins to conquer

and the moon is vigil bright


It shall drape

its silver cloak

in rivers of

luminescent hope

Climb mountains beyond


In search of

Majestic oak


It shall sing the light so radiant

Deana Mercado, a former student, captured the first time she experienced a sunset.

in the clearing of the dawn

Revel in its warmth,

Against leaves’ glistening fawn

Saturate itself with

crystallized dew

Whisper the secrets

Our mother’s once knew


I shall know

The warmest fire

In the hurried

Of the day

When the doubt

Begins to corrode

In its unforgiving way


And when the dusk colors

the sky of

pastel hues

And the approaching

Of the night

begins to hum the blues


I shall not in

My fear despair

For the night won’t

Last forever

Sunrise will

Valiantly dare


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