Write Your Song


Write, even when it feels

your fingers are

suffocating, buried beneath

impenetrable feelings.


Write, even when the

paper bleeds as

the wounds are exasperated

by each stroke.


Write, so you

can see your soul

sculpted in

every letter.


Write, so you

can shed the

shameful skin that

binds you to guilt.


Write, as if each word

is an antidote.

Write, as if forgiveness

is at the edge of

every page.


Write, until the hummingbird

be stills his wings

at the sight of the very

last flower.


Write, until the stars

have crystalized

and diamonds take their

place in the sky.


Write, as an

expression of

your existence.


Write, as if

every slope is

an inhale, every

dip an exhale.


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