You came into this world

like a ray of sunlight

invading darkness.

Pushing your way through bars

created to keep God out.



While folks around you

buried themselves under layers

of fear, concrete-heavy,

you allowed your petals to unfold,

bravely showing the world

the essence of your soul.


Your love was too great to keep

restrained within a bud.

Despite the perils of winter,

you bloomed, magnificently, under

pewter skies.


What some may deem a weed,

is a flower with grit, refusing

to be conquered by her environment.


Like a Field Daisy, you root

yourself in the soil of hope,

expanding your rhizomes

like arms reaching for dreams.


You are a Queen,

wrapped in an ebony robe,

glittering with star dust

created millions of years ago

as a vision of you.


You look deep within the corners

of your flaws, within the crevasses

of your wounds and somehow, every time,

you find the star dust that glitters on your robe.

Remembering you were made radiantly perfect!


You shined your way and broke darkness.

You shined your way and exposed day.

Oh, my beautiful Jameelah, you have never

diminished against the fray!





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