Before I Die. . .



Before I die

Before I Die. . .


I want to learn the language

in which the sun speaks to the rose

to inspire it to open.


I want to become

the gentleness of the ripples

that cause the powerful tsunami.


I want to exist in the delicate space

where balance is created, in the spine

of the world, where perfect symmetry

is almost reached.


I want to catch my sparkle

in a ray of sunshine, see the

complexities of my being reflected

in its rainbow.


I want to speak Truth beyond

the borders of my fear,

unapologetically let consonants

and vowels flow from my tongue


I want to feel courage, to be

awakened by a passion

so inextinguishable,

even water will catch fire.


I want to write a million words

on paper flowers and leave the

scent of my thoughts to linger

like gardenias in the summer rain.


I want to live where I fear

to live, be rooted in the soil

of my past and enticed by

skies empty with vastness.



I want to imagine. Jump into

infinity, where the glossy lake

disappears into sky and I can’t

distinguish between swimming

and flying.


Before I die. . .

I want to LIVE!



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