Nature Teaches Us We Belong


People come to this place to camp, in some ways to get away from the “other” life they have created.  Nature welcomes us here.  We come and go, and it stands here knowing that it belongs – never questioning its place.  The trees are adorned with green sequences that glitter in the dance of the wind.  Many see the trees, but I wonder how many notice them?  They whisper stories of ancient traditions and beliefs that open the heart and recognize the spirit.



The river allows the riverbed to guide her journey, trusting that it will take her to where she is meant to be.  She is born from a droplet the way a dream is born from a breath.  The rocks stand as vocal cords, allowing the river to speak, to announce her presence.  I don’t want to just feel the river – I want to experience it, like translucent silk, embracing and accepting every part of me.  Water is delicate, light, and flexible, yet she has the force and constancy to re-shape the robust, jagged rocks she comes across.  Like love, in time, water can transform the most abradant being.



The birds speak a sound that can only be translated by the heart.  It’s the flute to the orchestra of the universe.  Fireflies, wasps, and butterflies come by also reminding us of their presence in this beautiful place.  They too understand their place.  Lizards take the occasional opportunity to peak, but don’t trust us enough to come near.


If we pay close attention, we can see (feel) how perfectly synchronized it all is.  Only then will it become clear how perfect we are, and how perfectly we belong.


Thank you to the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians for sharing this part of the land with us.  For opening their home and giving us the beautiful gift of nature.


2 thoughts on “Nature Teaches Us We Belong

  1. Very nice.:) I recently did a post about what nature means to me, so I was happy to stumble upon your blog.
    “I don’t want to just feel the river-I want to experience it.” Wonderful !

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