“I always thought I would become more than I am today”.


I dreamt of glistening wings of courage

that would expand the length of my voice


That my voice would take flight and echo

within the deepest chambers of my heart


I thought I’d know my heart intimately enough

to trust it

to listen to its whispers through the

clatter of uncertainty


I thought of painting murals of yellow freedom, filled with

sunflowers and freesia

and purple love

all over the world


I thought of engraving music into majestic whirlwinds

laughing with adorning sparkling notes

waltzing to a saxophone or perhaps conga drums


I thought I would have a building named after me

a building made of chocolate and powdered gold that

shimmered and glowed

and protected from nightmares


I imagined to be fiercely myself


the realities surrounding me to

my dreams and hopes.


I thought I’d understand God,

My purpose


Still hoping to become more than I am today


Learning to love who I am in this moment

6 comments on ““I always thought I would become more than I am today”.

  1. That was lovely!

  2. As always your imagery blows me away. Love you, love your poetry.

  3. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. A big smile, lots of love and gratitude coming your way!

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