Still Standing

These walls have surrendered to the pain of not hearing

the echo of your voice

not seeing the silhouette of your profile

contrasted with the backdrop of the settling sun


These walls no longer embrace you

protect you

simply implore for your safety

yearn for your return


They keep your smell

Threaded in the very composition of their being

Your essence confined

To their memory of you


These walls stand erect

Though inside they crumble with nostalgia

Yet remain strong

for you


They stay trapped somewhere between

the  writhe of gasping  air and

exhalation of turbulent sobs


Inside of them labyrinths of



Struggling against each other


Walls that can’t reconcile

Their loss of you

With the world’s gain of you

For how can something so precious

be contained


These walls have stood


Compassionate forts protecting you from

Deception and fear


They stand in solitude

contemplating the possibilities of your future


they await

Still standing – Robust  and compassionate


For further reading on this poem see “I Promised Her the World” in Bits and Pieces.



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